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34 Million Friends
Ladybug Press
ISBN: 978-1889409344
Trade Paper, 164 pp.

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of the women of the world
by Jane Roberts

A memoir of Jane Roberts' fight for social justice for women through the organization she founded with Lois Abraham, 34 Million Friends.

"My ultimate goal is a worldwide grassroots movement dedicated to ensuring the full humanity and individual rights of women and girls. This is too important an issue to leave to governments alone."

I met Jane Roberts at the 2013 Conference of the American Humanist Association. She distributed dozens of copies of her moving and remarkable book. When I asked her how she was selling it so that I could help the cause, she said, "Oh, I never sell it; no, no, I would never do that!" In other words, this book is free. Its purpose is to gather support for her movement. She wants $1 from you; if you request a hard copy, sending a little something for shipping wouldn't hurt. Won't you please be one of 34 million Americans to contribute at least $1 to this grassroots movement for the women of the world? Donate at, invite others to join you.
    --Zelda Gatuskin, Editor-in-Chief, Amador Publishers

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jane Roberts is the cofounder of 34 Million Friends of the United Nations Population Fund, which since 2002 -- when the Bush Administration refused to release $34 million -- has been asking 34 million Americans to contribute at least one dollar to UNFPA. In 2003 she was one of the Women of the Year for MS Magazine, in 2004 one of the 21 Leaders of the 21st Century for Women's eNews and in 2005, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize with the 1000 Peace Women Project under the auspices of UNESCO in Bern, Switzerland. Her book "34 Million Friends of the Women of the World" was published in 2005. She travels around the US talking about reproductive health, population and development issues. She is a retired French teacher from California.

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