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So You Want to Publish a Book?
Amador's Publishing Process / Submission Requirements
Updated January 2018

January 1, 2018: We are seeking new poets for the Worldwind Books Poetry Series. (Note that this is a pay-to-publish service.) See: Publishing your Poetry

We accept email and snailmail Queries from U.S. authors of completed manuscripts. Please do not call. Please read and follow all instructions carefully. Do not query if you have not written your book from beginning to end. Do not send attachments unless invited to do so; emails with unsolicited attachments are deleted unopened.

What We Look For
Amador Publishers specializes in fiction, biography, philosophy and mixed-genre literary works of unique worth and appeal, outside the purview of mainstream publishing. We will consider novels and short story collections, creative non-fiction, essays/opinion, satire, biography/autobiography. Manuscripts must be complete and in the range of 75,000-130,000 words. We recommend that authors seeking publication review our book list and read some of our titles before sending a query.

We have established the imprint, Worldwind Books, as the publishing identity for a broader range of titles and author-funded book projects, including poetry.

What We Offer
Amador Publishers, LLC provides thorough editing and proofreading, attractive cover design, promotional web pages, pre-publication and new release promotions, ongoing marketing support, ISBN and LOC registration, copyright to the author, generous author discounts, ebook editions, and reprint options. We reports sales totals and pay royalties to authors on a quarterly basis.

What You Need To Know

  • We do not offer publishing contracts for books that are not finished. (If you're stuck, we do offer developmental editing; see literary services.)
  • We do not consider books that are presently published in any format. If you have self-published, or are not satisfied with your current ebook or print publisher, do not submit the same content to Amador. (Exception: If you have a significant title that has been out of print for some time, and all rights have reverted to you, see the Worldwind Books Prose page to review our pay-to-publish services.)
  • Our standard publishing contract gives Amador Publishers, LLC the right of first refusal for all editions of the work. If you are only looking for a print publisher and will be pursuing other options for alternative formats of your book, Amador may not be the right publisher for you.
  • Be advised that it can take up to two years from acceptance of your prose manuscript as an Amador title to its print publication. We offer a variety of paid literary services for authors who need help completing or self-publishing their books. [Poetry collections are published in 6-8 months.]
  • Our publishing contract (we call it the Author Agreement) requires the author to certify that they hold all of the rights and permissions to all of the material they plan to publish. Please submit original work. Manuscripts that rely heavily on excerpts and quoted material will not be considered.
How To Query
We will consider inquiries from U.S. authors of complete manuscripts. Please review all of the information on this page to confirm that your material is suitable. Follow these instructions carefully:
  • do not send attachments until invited to do so;
  • do not call me, please use email;
  • follow our Manuscript Guidelines.
Thank you in advance for your courtesy, and congratulations on completing your book! --ZG

Step 1: Send an e-mail to Zelda Gatuskin
Your email Subject line should say QUERY plus the TITLE of your book.
In the body of your email please indicate if you would like your work to be considered for the Amador list or our Worldwind Books imprint or both, and provide:

  • Your name and complete contact info, including physical address;
  • Title and subtitle of your book,
  • its genre(s) or subject(s),
  • number of words, number of chapters,
  • intended audience,
  • brief description,
  • why you wrote it,
  • what makes it special.
Step 2: I will write back to you.
a. If I'm not interested, I'm not interested. Please do not send anything more.
b. I will invite you to send the entire manuscript file. (Manuscript Guidelines)
If you have sent a snailmail query, I will ask for hard copy of several sample chapters and/or the complete ms. file.

What to Expect: When I acknowledge receipt of your file I will estimate my response time. I will not necessarily read your entire ms., but I want to ascertain that it is complete and what shape it's in, and to be able to sample it, and to read through if it grabs me.

If I like your book idea but don't think it's ready to publish, I may suggest using our Book Critique and Evaluation Service to help you get it into shape. You are under no obligation.

If I am interested in publishing your book as an Amador title, I will contact you, and follow up with draft contract language, written guidelines for how the ms. should be prepared for final submittal (formatting and or editorial requests) and a proposed timeframe for publication.

Corresponding by Snail Mail
Send materials to: Zelda Gatuskin, Amador Publishers, 611 Delamar NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107. Be sure to include your phone number, email address if you have one and/or a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for reply.

Does the Author Have to Pay? and Other Questions Answered

  • There is no reading fee to Query. (The Book Critique and Evaluation Service is for authors who are looking for substantive feedback on both their concept and writing.)
  • There is no publishing fee for titles that are selected for the Amador list, however, the author is expected to pre-pay for a quantity of books at their reduced author price, the initial order and price to be specified in the Author Agreement (authors may also be asked to pay for shipping). Author may purchase additional copies at the same discounted price at any time.
  • Amador does not provide any advance payment to authors. Royalties of 10% of all sales receipts from all sources are paid quarterly.
  • Should an author whose work is accepted for the Amador list be unable to provide their material in the required format, Amador will offer a proposal for paid services such as scanning, preparation of author-provided art, and indexing. The author is under no obligation to purchase these services from Amador, however, failure to provide materials to specifications can lead to delay or cancelation of a project.
  • Why does it take so long? We are a very small press and we strive for the highest quality. While we do release titles as ebooks, we follow a traditional publishing model, in which we start with a print edition, provide advance notice of pending publication to the book industry, and seek early reviews and endorsements with which to begin our marketing and sales effort even before the book is in print. Meanwhile, each book receives multiple rounds of checking and proofing, and a terrific cover design.
Manuscript Guidelines - Prose
Manuscripts should be double-spaced in 12 pt. font, courier or typewriter font preferred; minimum 3/4" margins all sides; page number and author name on each page. (Do not send a book-style layout. We want to read what you wrote; if it is not right for Amador, no amount of fancy formatting will save you; and if it seems promising, we'll have to consider the extra effort it will take to get it into a format we can work with.) For hard copies, single-sided printing. CDs and flash drives must be able to be read on a Windows operating system. Do not include art in your manuscript file or send graphics files. You may indicate in your email that you have illustrations or cover art in mind; please do not send any files until requested to do so. [No media, files or print-outs will be retained beyond the reading period without the author's permission. Physical materials will be discarded unless you send sufficient packaging and postage for their return.]

Amador Publishers' Book Critique and Evaluation Service - Prose
Amador Publishers offers a Book Critique and Evaluation service to evaluate your writing and offer specific, constructive advice to improve and market your manuscript. All manuscripts are considered for publication, however purchasing this service does not guarantee that we will publish your book. We will provide a critique of your book's key strengths and weaknesses with recommendations for how to proceed with preparing the work for publication or finding a suitable publisher.

When you are ready for an objective, constructive evaluation of your book and what it will take to publish, submit your entire manuscript in print or digital format with the one-time reading fee of $500.00. Manuscripts are accepted by snailmail or email. Please follow these steps:

Your submittal should include:
*Cover letter with a short bio.
*The complete hard copy of your manuscript and, if you choose, the complete manuscript file(s). Providing the files will allow us to anticipate any technical needs related to publishing. (Manuscript Guidelines)
*Instructions regarding return of materials, and sufficient packaging and postage to cover your requests. We strongly suggest that you provide return postage for your hard copy so that you will see any notes we make on it - you will get the maximum amount of feedback that way.
*The $500.00 fee. Make check or money order payable to Amador Publishers, LLC. If you are including the cost of return postage in your check, please don't forget to provide packaging, a mailing label and instructions. You may also prepay the $500.00 fee with paypal or credit card (you do not need to have a paypal account).
*Send materials to: Zelda Gatuskin, Amador Publishers, 611 Delamar NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107.

1. Use this button to pay the $500.00 fee with paypal or credit card (you do not need to have a paypal account).  

2. Look for an email from confirming that the payment was received and requesting your materials.
3. You will be asked to reply to that email with:
* Cover letter with synopsis of the work and a short bio (in body of email).
* The complete digital copy of your ms attached in one of these accepted file formats: .doc, .odt, .wpd, .txt, .pdf. [No files or print-outs will be retained beyond the reading period without the author's permission. The manuscript file(s) will be deleted unless author provides permission for Zelda to hold for future editing or publishing services. Zelda does retain her own notes and correspondence to the author for future reference.]

Response Time
Allow 6-8 weeks for a response. You may be informed by email if it is taking longer. You may check on Zelda's progress by email. Please do not call.

These Literary Services are Also Available from Amador Publishers:
  • Literary Critique, Developmental Editing, Publishing Consultation. Amador Publishers' editor-in-chief Zelda Gatuskin can give an evaluation of your writing at any stage of your project's development; help you develop your idea, your writing and the format of your article or book through ongoing editorial review and guidance; consult with you on publishing matters and the process of preparing your manuscript for print or electronic publishing.
  • Book Critique and Evaluation Service. This service will ensure that your manuscript is in the best condition possible as you send it off to potential publishers, or even as you prepare to self-publish.
  • Book Design. We have experience designing covers, interior art and text layout, front and back matter and overall book concept, promotional materials and web pages.
  • E-Book Conversion. We have experience formatting draft manuscripts and reformatting typeset book files to comply with the Smashwords guidelines for easy e-book conversion into multiple formats.
  • Events and Presentations. We can advise on event planning and provide coaching for book readings and public appearances.
Inquire by sending e-mail to Zelda Gatuskin.

Publishing Your Poetry
We offer our Worldwind Books imprint for poets who are willing to pay for book design and production services. Your manuscript must contain 80 pages minimum.

As part of the Worldwind Books Poetry Series, your book will be professionally designed and published under contract with Amador Publishers, LLC. Your package will include ISBN and Library of Congress numbers, copyright to the author, worldwide availability through, Ingram's distribution and at, with generous royalties on wholesale and retail sales, and a low author's price for you regardless of how many books you order, any time. Learn how to submit your poetry.

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