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Movie and TV Rights

Screenwriters and Producers, you have come to the right place for richly descriptive, original stories to spark your cinematic imagination. The Amador Publishers list provides a wealth of creative, compelling content for adaptations to film and TV. Our authors have been selected based on the inclusiveness, intelligence, and sheer storytelling power of their writing.

The fantasy and young adult fiction of author-artist Zelda Leah Gatuskin is ideally suited to treatment for feature films or TV serials. Clever and engaging, her family-friendly work is distinguished by interwoven double plots and a depth of description and character development that imbue the most fantastic situations with believability.

A log line is offered for each book. Please visit this page again, additional material will be added when available. Use title links to go to book publication details and reviews.

Castle Lark and The Tale that Stopped Time
Two snarky teens thrown together on a tour of post-evacuation, theme-park-like Earth discover an out-of-dome castle ruin beneath the mutant ivy that rekindled Earth life but now impedes human activity. There is an ancient text awaiting within; as they read, time slows; the vine proves sentient; scientists, corporate henchman and worried parents seek the youths; and the fate of the planet hangs in the balance.
[Star Trek: The Next Generation meets The Princess Bride]

The Time Dancer
A young Gypsy, trained in magical arts and able to travel the Spiral Map of Time forward, back, and across to a parallel universe (our own), seeks adventure and new spells. Her time-dancing leads her to a disastrous apprenticeship; romance in the ten-years-ago; and forays to the Alternate World, where she finds shelter at a New Age shop, and affirms for its owner the existence of a world of magic just the other side of our dreams.
[The Red Shoes meets Latcho Drom with a plot]

The Two Magicians
When an inexerienced Witch's Familiar is tricked into surrendering her mistress's magic satchel to an ambitious young magician, the hawk-woman's effort to retrieve the satchel exposes a dangerous leakage between the alternating worlds of the Spiral Map of Time; she rallies the fractious Goathorns Coven to pool their powers and repair the damage, realizing too late that their magic threatens the existence of a secret friend.
[Sequel to The Time Dancer, The Two Magicians catches up to the New Age shop owner who befriended the Gypsy, while also providing the back story to the Gypsy's disastrous apprenticeship. A third and final book is planned in this series.]

Where the Sky Used to Be
A socially inept teen artist struggles to break away from her clinging Boomer parents and her more popular best friend's orbit, buffetted between chaotic coming-of-age adventures and the contained drama of a nursing home, where the blind dementia patient she visits after school quickly becomes her cause, then her confessor, oracle, and friend.
[The Breakfast Club meets Tuesdays with Morrie]

To secure movie and TV rights for any Amador Publishers title, please send email to Please include your brief bio and phone number. Thank you for your interest in our stories!

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